Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly....

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly....

Rajesh married to Sunita and have a 3-year old son Ritesh. We shall see the labyrinth of interaction between the two in the descending order.

Rajesh : "Sunita, I am telling you the truth. I really had some important meeting in my office."
Sunita : "Just shut up okay. All men are the same, all are liars.
Rajesh : "I am not lying. You can ask my colleague if you want to.
Sunita : "Yeah, right ! Now I have to waste my time and energy talking to your boring ill-mannered friends of yours!"
Rajesh : "Sunita, please calm down."
Sunita : You, your parents and your immature son will not let me live my life!"
Rajesh : "Why do you always have to talk like that about my parents?"
Sunita : "Oh yes, I forgot, I forgot that you have sold off your soul to them."
Rajesh : "Sunita, please, they might hear what you are saying. Ritesh also will hear that we are fighting.
Sunita : "Oh yeah, so now I am fighting. You never fight at all. You are the greatest saint of the world, right? Besides, I don't care who hears it. Let them hear what I say. They must know what kind of person you are."
Rajesh : "Fine, fine, my mistake. Now please don't say anything. Just calm down. There was an important meeting and I got late."
Sunita : "Then why do you even have to come late? You should have come tomorrow directly. I am just living like a slave in this house. I have become just a pathetic housewife. And your parents are lazing around the whole day. They have nothing to do."
Rajesh : "What are you saying? Who is treating you as a slave? You can do anything you want. You said you don't want to do any housework, I agree and we hired - not one but two maid servants. You said you want to invest money in the stock market. I gave it to you but you lost everything and still I didn't say anything to you. I am still giving you money to invest in the stock market. Now what more you want me to do?"
Sunita : "Why don't you just tell your parents to leave my house? I just don't like their presence. And I also don't like Ritesh being close to them. They are going to spoil him with their ancient teachings."
Rajesh : "Sunita, it is their house. The house is not even in my name. Besides, they are not bothering you at all. And Ritesh is going to learn a lot from his grandparents. "
Sunita : "Bullshit!"

Three Years earlier
Rajesh : "I don't believe you are pregnant. I am so happy. Great. I am going to be a father."
Sunita : "I am also happy. You are going to be a father."
Rajesh : "What do you think what name we should give to our son?"
Sunita : "I like Ritesh."
Rajesh : "Ritesh is okay name. I like Sunesh. Sun from Sunita and Esh from Rajesh. What do you think?"
Sunita : "That's a lousy name. I don't like that. Ritesh is the best."
Rajesh : " Okay, we will ask our parents."
Sunita : "Okay, but I know everybody will like Sunesh only. But I don't care. My son's name will be Ritesh and that's final."
Rajesh : "Okay darling. Whatever you wish."
Sunita : "I am not going to thank you for it."
Rajesh : "It is going to be so nice. Our son will play around with his grandparents. "
Sunita : "Yes, Ritesh will be lucky to have his grandparents. "
Rajesh : "He is going to call me daddy daddy."
Sunita : "So what ? He is going to call me mummy mummy. And you should know mummy is the best, not a father."
Rajesh : "Whatever you think Sunita."
Sunita : "What do you mean by that ? Am I wrong?"
Rajesh : "No, not at all. Mummy is stronger than the daddy, okay, happy now?"
Sunita : "Shut up and get me a glass of water, you lazy daddy."

Two Years Earlier
Sunita : "I love you Rajesh. Tell me you are never going to leave me alone."
Rajesh : "I never will. Trust me."
Sunita : "I promise I will never fight or even argue with you. Whatever you say, I will do it."
Rajesh : "And whatever you say, I will do it too."
Sunita : "Your parents are so nice. They are so experienced and so friendly. They have never treated me as an outsider. They treat me as their own daughter."
Rajesh : "I am glad you like my parents."
Sunita : "Don't worry Rajesh. I will always like and support your parents for life."
Rajesh : "Would you continue your career or would like to become a housewife?"
Sunita : "Of course a housewife. I don't want to pursue my career. I just want to take good care of my family."
Rajesh : "I mean you can surely do whatever you want to anytime. In my house there is no restriction at all."
Sunita : "I know, but I will always remain a nice housewife. Besides, being a housewife is actually a privilege and not some slavery as some women say. I will do all the housework and won't let you or your parents do any work in the house at all."
Rajesh : "I am always going to stand by you Sunita."
Sunita : "I will always love you from the bottom of my heart. I will never hurt you. Never."

Well, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. You decide which one is which.
I think Marriage institution is Good.
What we make out of Marriage is Bad.
And our ignorance and mistakes are Ugly.

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